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About Us

Blockchain Based Tourism Platform.

Bali Social Integrated is a pioneer blockchain project developed with an aim to optimize the global tourism industry. We use blockchain technology’s cross-chain capabilities to connect global travelers to the respective service providers directly. Bali Social Integrated houses a team of blockchain developers and crypto enthusiasts who work collectively to provide our users with a seamless travel experience.

We utilize blockchain’s cost reduction abilities to remove the intermediaries and offer a unique and enjoyable customer experience with lower transactional and operational costs.

Why BSI?

Bali Social Integrated addresses the inefficiencies in the present global tourism industry and offers a blockchain-powered solution. Bali Social Integrated has built a service ecosystem based on a transparent, tamper-resistant, and incentivized approach using BSI, its native utility token.

The BSI token acts as a core component that helps the platform create a world tour payment system optimized for every global travel.


Remove Transactional and Operational Costs

Global tourism introduces the challenge of converting fiat into the native currency that can charge upto 1% transfer fees. Travelers opt for paying with international credit cards; however, the credit card company can charge higher than 1% on every transaction. While these payment methods have become the norm, blockchain can provide a better alternative.

For instance, converting fiat to BSI tokens does not involve a transaction fee, and depositing the tokens to the ViajePay will allow the users to shop and spend freely without any unnecessary charges.


Improve Customer Experience

Blockchain technology can integrate different aspects of tourism in a single place and improve the customer experience considerably. Blockchain can combine payment gateways, traveling, booking, verification, renting vehicles, etc., in a single place and reduce the overhead costs.

Bali Social Integrated offers the ability for travelers to book their hotels, accommodations, rental cars, and other utilities in a single place.


Transparent Business Ratings

Online travel agencies often con travelers in the lure of fake promises. What travelers see online while booking their hotels can be deceptive or untrue. Also, checking reviews beforehand might not work as crooked business people can put up false reviews. However, blockchain is immutable and trustless that ensures security and transparency in every step of planning a vacation.


Removing Unnecessary Intermediaries

Intermediaries often charge hefty brokerage from travelers and service providers. Using intermediaries can increase the total costs by 20%, which is not a viable option. However, a lack of opportunities has forced users to conform to these subpar standards. Luckily blockchain can quickly remedy the problem, and Bali Social Integrated is a great example.

Blockchain technology has optimized several global industries, and Bali Social Integrated is leading the charge of bringing the technology into the tourism industry

Remove Transactional and Operational Costs

Improve Customer Experience

Transparent Business Ratings

Removing Unnecessary Intermediaries

Travel Agency Platform

Viaje Ecosystem.

Viaje, a business line by Bali Social Integrated, caters to every payment needs by seamlessly integrating itself with BSI tokens and fiat currencies. Users can add BSI tokens or fiat currencies (using a credit card and other payment networks) and use them through Viaje apps such as ViajePay in all affiliated stores.

Travelers can enjoy a simplified payment network and avail various services such as booking airlines, leisure/travel activities, hotels, renting electric motorcycles or purchasing food & drinks, shopping, etc.


Viaje services come
with the following features.


Voucher System

Bali Social Integrated converts customer’s digital assets into our merchant vouchers to up the balance. These vouchers are then stored in the Viaje network, where users can use them for internal transactions.


Safe and Comfortable

Bali Social Integrated secures user assets using a reliable, trustworthy digital asset with a layered security and authentication system that enables safe and transparent transactions. We use Advanced Security Architecture to ensure high-level asset protection, which our expert security team monitors.


24/7 Online Transaction

Bali Social Integrated operates 24/7 and helps users make transactions according to their convenience. Our support system is available for 24 hours without any exception.


Viaje App.

Viaje App is a fully secure and tamper-proof digital wallet enforced with blockchain technology that ensures safe and quick transactions. The wallet can be topped by BSI tokens which can then be used at Bali Social Integrated’s merchant network using the payment network, ViajePay. ViajePay is secured using top-grade protection protocols and can be downloaded using Playstore and App store.

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Token Summary


Token Name: BSI Token
Type : ERC20
Symbol: BSI
Platform: Ethereum
Max circulating supply: 1,000,000,000 BSI
Tokens for sale: 115,000,000
Initial Price 1 BSI = 0.5 USD
Private Sale Limit $100,000 per person
Contract Address Click Me

Road Map.

2020 Q3

Project Creation

2020 Q4


2021 Q1


2021 Q2


Team Members

List of people who matter.

Reza Yuriputra

Founder Bali Social Integrated & CEO Viaje Indonesia

Oham Dunggio

Chief Operating Officer BSI & Viaje Indonesia

Femmy Nicole Valentine

Community & Social Media Manager

Wirawan Kaley

Sr. Full Stack & Blockchain Developer

M. Yana Mulyana

Sr. Full Stack & Blockchain Developer

Adistya Sakhsichrisdianti

Senior Content Writer


Business Development Specialist

Juan Faustian Siregar

Legal Specialist Executive

Kevin Setiawan

Product Manager

Aqieqah Amalia

Senior Content Designer

Faqih Muhammad Azka

Senior Creative Designer

Board of Advisor

Andrie AM

Chairman of the Committee of the Korean - Indonesian Chamber of Commerce

I Gede Rahman Desyanta

Director of Nouve Core & Coco Group Digital

Sutopo Widodo Kwok

Chief Commissioner of HFX International Berjangka

Edward Guustaaf

VP of Business Vexanium

Amrit Mirchandani

CEO of KAP Digital Indial

I Putu Sudiarta

Founder BMT Group, Trader Expert & Owner Gading Tree Group

Bambang Ari Aji

Blockchain & Tech Expert NHC

Rah Angga

Renewel Energy Solar Panel & Electric Motorcycle Expert


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Popular Questions

Bali Social Integrated is a blockchain-based platform connecting reputed online travel agencies (OTA) with global customers. The ecosystem is designed on blockchain to become transparent, secure, tamper-resistant with several incentives. As a blockchain solution, Bali Social Integrated offers a blockchain-powered tour and payment system. This payment system offers one-stop booking and payment of tickets, accommodations, car rentals, restaurants, shopping, and leisure activities using the BSI Token

BSI Tokens are utility tokens, a product of Bali Social Integrated. BSI tokens connect to the ERC-20 network, which means it possesses a swift and secure feature from said network. The BSI token is designed with a total maximum supply of tokens.

The BSI community is composed of blockchain enthusiasts & Entrepreneurs—including individuals and institutions—that build, collaborate, and innovate to bring new applications and business models to the market.

Currently, BSI alongside Viaje Corporation are collaborating to create an ever-developing tourism ecosystem, sustainable, and most importantly eco-friendly. The BSI Token will be used as a converting currency in the payment network it is applicable to.

Yes, as of currently we are running a listing process with numerous “major exchanges”, such as HotBit and other crypto-asset exchange platforms. In the present process of purchase, you can buy BSI Tokens through the available token sales stages.